Hosting and System Architectures – the company

The Hosting Architectures, shortly HostA GmbH, is a company founded in 2018 to support companies, institutions and professionalized individuals from all areas by offering system architectures and solutions in the information technology sector:

Administration of servers in a customer's premises or in the data center, virtualization, cloud servers, document servers, ERP and CRM systems, web and mail hosting, mailing list servers, chat / messaging and video servers, blogs engines and all other internet and network services imaginable.

We also offer workshops, trainings and other courses for user groups of all sizes.

We sell fiber-optic-based Gigabit xDSL connections from 25 Mbit/s to 100 Gbit/s, ranging from inexpensive ADSL for private consumers, over stable SDSL lines for highly-available real-time applications allover the globe, to laying dedicated fiber-optics for data centers and carrier backends. Where fibers or other cabling is objectionable, we implement broadband access based on satellite connections.
We do short- and long-term management and procurement consultancy, which can save you from dispensable expenses and future problems. We also deal with legal and licensing issues and will refer to our specialized network of IT and media lawyers in particularly compley cases.
We can offer repairs, semiconductor designs, modifications and other services in the hardware area.
In the software area, we offer complete system architectures, individual modules, patches or individually programmed suites.

Our credo is simple: The world should not revolve exclusively around money, but rather be kept in a safe and reliable state through a stable network of experience, expertise, crisis management, networking and supply of services. As a rule we configure all systems according to the principles of sustainability, migration-friendliness and scalability. We collaborate in open source repositories of successful or promising software projects that are recognized, contributed to worldwide and meet the zeitgeist.

As customers, we serve both commercial companies and non-profit entities. We not only support the commercial interests of profit-oriented entrepreneurs, but also non-profit, institutional, political or collectivist structures such as associations, non-governmental organizations, administrations, political parties or activist collectives.

Our resources are guaranteed by service or maintenance contracts, which ensure a stable and sustainable business. Systems operated by us are guaranteed to operate failure-free at least 99.6% p.a.

Our services are designed to protect the data security, freedom of expression and privacy of their users. Consequently we do not store any sensitive data outside of the agreed processing, encrypt all data according to the highest available industrial standards and do not operate any form of commercial or non-commercial data mining.