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May 12, 2020

… or how to clone a Windows 10 System disk and make it bootable

Safe yourself lots of troubles …

Here is how you get to boot Windows when you experience the INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE bluescreen after cloning a HDD/SSD drive with a working Windows installation to another disk and try to boot from it
How to clone a Windows 10 system disk with CloneZilla from a 128GB to a 1000GB PCIe SSD on a Razer Blade 15 Base Model (2019) with a dedicated GPU (dGPU).

A.) If you have a dedicated GPU (i.e. nVIDIA, …) first uninstall the Graphics Card driver:
  1. Open "Computer Management"
  2. Choose "Device Manager" in left column
  3. Choose "Display Adapter"
  4. Right-click once on Your Graphics Card, i.e. "nVIDIA GeForce". Do not schoose your iGPU (integrated Graphics Card, i.e. "Intel HD Graphics xyz")
  5. Choose "Uninstall"
B.) Clone your SSD drive with CloneZilla or with another suitable cloning application. For mounting and accessing the new M.2 PCIe or SATA SSD and copying the old disk to it you may use a USB-to-M.2 or a USB-to-SATA adapter respectively. Just adapt and plug in.

C.) Replace the old with the new drive in the SATA or M.2 Slot according to the manufacturer inctructions for your device.

D.) Boot Windows.

E.) Extend your system partition to fit the maximum capacity of the new SSD:
  1. Open "Computer Management"
  2. Choose "Disk Management" in left column
  3. Choose the disk which contains drive (C:). (You may view the free disk space on the right of volume C:)
  4. Right-Click once on the Partition (C:) and choose to "extend Volume".
  5. The pre-set options should be just fine. Double check here, then proceed with "Next >"
  6. After a few seconds the process is completed and you should see the result when viewing drive (C:).

How to fix INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE bluescreen:
If you have not uninstalled the dGPU driver and experience a bluescreen on boot-up of Windows from the new SSD with an Error description like "INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE", you must first Boot into Windows Recovery, from there choose to reboot into Safe Mode. After Windows booted please follow the abovementioned steps below A.), then reboot and wait for Windows to auto-install the nVIDIA driver or install it manually if don't have Auto-Updates enabled. Et voilà.

And finally, the best thing you can do in general is to switch to Linux or BSD, where error dialogues actually tell you what the problem is, so you can fix it or have someone help and direct you to fix it instead of going through this sado-masochistic experience, which the creators of Windows have coded into this incredibly shitty core system.

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